Tuesday, August 01, 2000

It's the Ultimate Frisbee, dude

"It used to be very mellow, and there was a lot of giggling on the field.
But since the word got out, there are now a lot of really serious
competitive players." In fact, this past Tuesday, August 1, saw the first
fight in an entire year of playing Ultimate Frisbee in Central Park. The
squabble was quelled quickly, though, and the games resumed. Amy Fried, an
associate for new media, marketing, strategy, business development,
management and production positions at Roz Goldfarb Associates, has been
bringing people together for over a year to play Ultimate Frisbee. She's
played almost every time, and only when it gets below 40 degrees
(Fahrenheit) will they cancel or reschedule. Among the 18 or so people who
came out to play were Ward Hendon, who's new to New York. He came to check
out this athletic form of networking. His company, Ipath, assembles an
exclusive network of experienced attorneys over a web-based platform.
Real.net VP marketing Henry Choi, emarketplaces.com managing director
Steve Hersh and worldweb.net business development manger Steve Gilman were
all a part of the game. Even a Sprint business solutions guy, Mike Saxton,
came to toss the magical flying disk around. Outdoor information site
gorp.com was represented by Sheila Resari. Aside from the minor tiff,
everyone had fun and the games will surely be on next month too.