Wednesday, August 30, 2000

AIMing for a deal

The Association for Interactive Media held their first full-day
conference at the Metronome in NYC on August 30. So in the tail end
of Summer they assisted attendees in a Holiday Survival Crash
Course, starting at 7:30 am with a keynote from Alta Vista Company/ VP marketing Ken Niebaur. 
I stopped by at the tail end of the day, and chatted with AIM
Executive Director Ben Isaacson about the numbers of attendees and
calendar of upcoming events. Web Digest for Marketers ('s
publisher Larry Chase and I chatted about growth of online
newsletters as I waved a quick "hello" to GasPedal Ventures' Andrew
Sernovitz and Direct Marketing News's Ken Magill. Rita Borges of
the World Wrestling Federation ( and I spoke about my
upcoming speech at an Advertising Women of New York's (AWNY) Interactive Career Series panel on October 4th. She introduced me
to Career Builder's Keren Taylor, and we all chatted with's CEO Robert Holzer about babies. (He's a relatively
new dad and I'm a relatively new Aunt, from different births).
AIM's director of member services Joshua Olesker was on hand to
chat about the days events and, outside, as I watched two young,
healthy creepy guys run ahead of me and snatch my cabbie, I chatted
with Freedom Technology Media Group's Mary Munley and I-'s Bartt Kellerman. Over by 5th I caught one and aimed