Friday, August 04, 2000

Flash Film 2000 ~ by Joanna Fabozzi

The flash film festival threw quite a bash at the renowned ultimate party
place to be in the heart of the east village, Webster Hall.  This
strobe-light-flashing, bass-pumping, multilevel club made me forget that
the week had only just begun.  I made my way through the very hip, very
20-something crowd, many of whom had made the trek to the "Capital of the
World" from Ottawa, Canada, Paris, France and Fort Myers, Florida.  I was
torn between listening to the great music the DJ was spinning and the
table overflowing with sinful chocolates and fruit-filled delights. For
the time being, I opted for the desserts. Just as I finished the last bit
of my chocolate and raspberry tart, Stephen Williams of Flash Kit
( came over to say "hi." Meanwhile, Bruce Sales chatted
with Nicole Pascale (Courtney Pulitzer Creations) about his new endeavor, which creates music and sound content for various forms
of media.  We made our way to the second floor to check out the flash
demos, when to our surprise and delight, saw George Clinton on stage.
With all this aural stimulation, it was one new media nation under a
groove trance and we couldn't help but shake what our mama's gave us!
(Ahem, that means we danced our butts off!)