Tuesday, August 15, 2000

The New Boss in Town

Before exiting the building, which also houses Martha Stewart's new
headquarters, our entourage cobbled over to Hugo Boss's new
showroom across the way. The building is vast, and as we passed
the unloading dock’s 18-wheeler-truck-sized freight elevators we,
noted the impressive amounts of construction going on. Outfitted
mannequins stood at attention as we marched to the bar-reception
desk to order up drinks and sail inside. The lu'au-style party
included picnic tables for dining guests and a sexy dude outfitted
in red swimming trunks, sitting atop a lifeguard stand, surveying
the buffet line. The buffet was so impressive that we actually
decided to stay a while. Gorgeous clear glass plates filled with
beef, chicken or seafood skewers, salad and rice dishes. I sat down
with Philip Kampe of The Gramercy Partnership, who generously gave
me his lei and chatted with me about recent events. Although both
parties were catered by The Perfect Event, many Concrete party
attendees headed across the hall for the Boss's food and drinks.