Wednesday, August 23, 2000


You know if there's no line outside a nightclub and the bouncers
greet you enthusiastically that you might be in for a doozy of a
party. And it was. held a bash at Chaos on Wednesday,
August 23rd and inside was loud music, not so many people and crazy
disco lights flashing. Okaaay. So it was more a Singles Party than
a Dot-Com Party. So much so that when I introduced myself to three
women and explained I was writing about the party they refused to
tell me their names. (The site is anonymous, so they were
worried their identities would be revealed.) They did confess they
don't work in the Internet industry (horrors!) and they were there
to meet men. I glanced around at the blue and purple-lit chandelier
and let my body absorb the heavy bass beat as I looked around the
room. Men were leering…. I went upstairs and introduced myself to
two other women, who admitted they worked in "e-commerce" but also
refused to tell me there names. I looked around some more. The men,
of course, were still leering. Back downstairs four men who were
actually indifferent to the aspect of the party, but were
overly enthusiastic about the screening aspect were's Stephan Cybyk, Sean Haggans, Doug Olney and
Eric Shively. They explained they were there because the folks
involved with showcasing the "Whipped" film at this party were
going to try and help them get a screening for their movies too.