Thursday, August 24, 2000

From the Divine to Subterranean

He was sporting a red rose in his lapel, which set off his black
shirt and suit quite nicely. And the birthday boy (Dennis Adamo)
lifted his glass for a toast. Friends who gathered at the Divine
Bar on Thursday, August 24 included Gaijin, Inc.'s Mark Frieser (in
a suit), Elipze's Paul Hrisko (in all black) and the Digital Club
Network's Ted Werth (also in dark attire) all raised a glass in
celebration. Identity artist Stefan (in a light cotton casual set),
Eric B (looking quite homeboy), Megan (hip and fashionable) and
Digital Club Network's Mike Parker (in a sharp white shirt
and dark slacks) all shared in this joyous occasion. Crazily we
needed to very quickly move onto another bar, so we converged on
the street and split up. Half went in the stretch Lincoln Town Car
-- the birthday boy's vehicle. Half went in the pumped up souped up
BMX SUV X5 (Adeo Ressi's 4-hour old vehicle). So Ted, Mike and I
squeezed into the back seat, Adeo and his fiancee Irina (in a
sumptuous gold blouse) took the webmaster and beautymaiden seats,
and Eric B entertained us from the back-storage area, which was
also fairly roomy. Despite most of mid-town being closed off due to
the re-paving of 5th Avenue, we snaked our way around the city. Saw
Times Square. Saw two guys with a wigged mannequin head in the
front of their car. Saw an ambulance sitting in the parking lot of
7th Avenue 4 lights ahead of us.

Then we arrived (by foot) to Under the Volcano for some more
beverages. Just when things were really getting going, Jumpcut's
Marc Scarpa showed up (in a hip white "Fatty" t-shirt), ready to
make it happen even more. My friend James O'Connor (in a blue shirt
with jeans) from Mercury Interactive and I headed south (out of the
smokey bar) to the Bowery Ballroom...