Wednesday, August 23, 2000

A Concrete Time

There was far less leering, but lots of loving, at the Angel
Orensanz Foundation on August 23 for Concrete Media's second of
their special three-part summer music series. Folks from iXL,, Jupiter,, Sapient, Razorfish, K2
Design and SonicNet were among the hipsters in the mosh pit. The
figments (band) opened for Luna (band) and both bands moody,
ethereal guitar music mellowed out the casual free flowing
atmosphere for the over 900 attendees. Concrete brass like CEO
Aaron Cohen, CMO Paul Conaher and CPO Kit Cody mingled with tres
beaucoup press who were in attendance too--from the AP, Newsweek,
the New York Times, Business 2.0. Kit even won the Zappy Scooter
raffle, but of course declined so a guest could reap the benefit of
the prize he bought.