Thursday, August 19, 1999

Yahoo!'s major-minor shindig

Yahoo! My RSVP was accepted! Well, this might have been the cry of some new media-ites after Yahoo! sent an invite for their party, got 1700 RSVPs and began that painful process of having to uninvite people. Fortunately my call in to Jonathan Gregg at Yahoo! was sufficient -- and now I've promised him to make his last day in New York City (9/23) to be a great one, before he heads out to California to work! Penny Urion (Ogilvy & Mather) ran up to Jon after shimmie-ing across the floor -- they were old Wunderman colleagues. David Meadows (ScreenShop) came over to say hello and told me a great quote by Harvey McKaey that "once you ride a tiger, there's no getting off." (actual quote might be a little different) Tom Hesposo of Blue Marble and I spoke about the hiring frenzy here in NYC where people with 6 months experience are demanding high salaries and options that are out of this world. Michael Terpin (Internet told us how this was the situation in San Francisco two years ago. There was a huge demand for people as companies grew by 500%, and while the number of people were moving to SF doubled, it still wasn't enough. It's balanced out a bit now, but both coasts are still in growth mode. Michael also told me his firm had just gotten some more funding and has over 2,000 clients. Then we switched topics from numbers in hiring to numbers of square footage of homes in LA.