Friday, August 13, 1999

Last week's bashes

This week we've got Cyber Scene reports from Austin and Washington in addition to New York. The audiocast will be up later today and I encourage you all to check out one of the newest features in the redesigned sites -- the CPC Club. There is a thriving discussion already underway and you can let the world know what you think of The Cyber Scene, where your favorite martini (or coffee) bar is or your own thoughts on any thing else Cyber Scene and Cocktail related! The boards are being administered and run by the very efficient Liv4Now team, and if you haven't heard of them, you should check out their site --they're grrreat!

Parties, parties, parties! I left town for my 2nd "Cocktails with Courtney" in Austin, and left the party-going to some capable friends. I heard the Underline party, in their new office on Thursday, August 5th was a respectable affair, contrasted with The's wild bash, which drew more than 600 young urban hipsters. Monday, August 9th was the beginning of the Interactive Music Xpo and the perfect party to attend for this (among the MANY) was CDKnet's swingin' soiree at the Spy bar.