Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Quiet dinners amidst banner bashes

With the onset of Jupiter's conference on Online Advertising this week, I knew once again this week in August would be a busy one. Never mind the events of the week (of which there were a-plenty), but it seems as if everyone's already also planning for their fall events. And we all know the Millennium (and the onslaught of parties) is rapidly approaching!

You may get "paid for doing it" as the Cybergold ads promise, but CEO of AllAdvantage.com, Jim Jorgensen, explained some of the key differences between these two new models for paid surfing. AllAdvantage.com's viewbar is an interesting mix between Alexa and Cybergold, but with a strong privacy policy. They're growing fast too -- 130 days old and they have 110 employees! Jim wasn't preaching during a speech, though, he was simply chatting with a few industry folks over a fine dinner at Tapika restaurant on Tuesday, August 17th. Other AllAdvantage.com-ers who were available to answer questions, and share stories of Russian traits (from where a few of them hail) were Vladimir Bernstein (NY Office manager), Victor (the "rich media" guy), Marat Roisenberg (Dir. of Biz Dev), and Brian (the sales guy). Other guests included Debbie Lightfoot (Foodline.com), Caroline Waxler (Senior writer, Forbes) and Bill McCloskey of Comet Systems, head of the Rich Media Sig, who told us the Rich Media Circus went FABULOUSLY! Michael Tchong (Iconocast) and Dara Tyson (Penton Media) stopped by for a few glasses of wine and Tery Spataro (COO of Blue Dingo) came in from a business trip to catch some interesting conversations at the end of the evening.