Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Jupiter's conference spins the Net

Heading over to Jupiter after the breakfast put me squarely in the middle of more bustle. The 2nd day of the conference, Wednesday, August 18th, was packed with people and panels. The energy in the corridors as one session let out and the expo filled up was invigorating. I've heard the comment (and said it to myself many a time) "there's so many new people!" Sometimes it's scary. Today it was great. Wow! RemarQ Communities was set up near the entrance, offering massages to weary shoulders carrying the weight of expo media kits gotten throughout the day. Just across the way, Pseudo Programs was offering free video emails. Andrew Einhorn (who's been popping up a lot lately--I've interviewed for my Columbia J-School piece, and ran into at the Nerve party) was hosting the Iviews. Being a sport, I jumped in and even offered to sing a tune. Andrew's improvs were wild and I made up lyrics that amazed me as I sang them! The Press room was quiet and busy--I spoke briefly with Kevin Werbach of Release 1.0 and chatted for a bit with Mo Krochmal (who had on an exquisite blue silk tie) about filing stories. Tho' he's working at 11 AM and I'm (still) working at 11 PM! The expo hall was full of vivacious people and I spoke with some reps from BitMagic, who showed me their fun animated entertaiment program. A group of young, cute guys from San Mateo in blue hawaiian shirts told me about AudioBase, which delivers streaming audio and voice via email and banners. Ryan Ehlinger brought me up to speed on Avenue A. Originally from Seattle, where the rest of the 170 employees are based, Ryan is one of two representatives for the New York office (the other is his roommate). While Ryan pouted his lips and said how much he misses his girlfriend and the Seattle way of life. At least there's a Starbucks on every corner, to help with that aspect. He also told me how they run and analize online ad campaigns for clients and deliver efficiency. Eddie Bauer, Gateway and Expedia are just some of their satisfied clients. Teri Franklin and Michael Leo were also on hand to answer questions and were beaming with good news to come too! (More on that in upcoming issues!)