Friday, August 13, 1999

The Cyber Scene in Washington, DC ~ by Sacha Cohen

Am I dreaming or are writers and editors finally getting some well-deserved respect in new media? After all, "ink-stained wretches" are often the brains behind sticky content, scintillating copy, and typo-free sites. But more often than not, writing tends to be lots of work and very little glory.

Well, even if we're not getting any more respect, we may be getting more visibility and a more cohesive, active community.

Last week, I attended Content & Coffee, an event organized and hosted by the talented and exuberant Web editor and writer Merry Bruns. Merry, the self-proclaimed "ringleader for this shebang," has been a fixture in the DC new media scene for years and has paved the way for many aspiring online writers. She started the event in 1998. "It was intimate at first," says Merry, "and then grew, as more and more people needed a place to talk with others about non-technical aspects of Web sites."

We've corresponded many times over the years, but this was the first time I had the chance to meet Merry in person. agreed to host the event at its Rosslyn office, across the river from its venerable print counterpart. When I arrived and saw a room packed with people and tables overflowing with food and drinks, I knew it would be a few hours well spent.

Find out how the evening went, on the site.