Tuesday, August 10, 1999

My Class on Spotting Trends in Silicon Alley

Meanwhile, down the street, at 55 Broad, I was conducting a very civilized class on "How to Spot Trends in Silicon Alley, and How to Profit From Them" for The Learning Annex. The Learning Annex seems to be attracting all sorts of new media pros like Scott Kurnit and Dave Kansas. My class covered the history of Internet development from a broad POV and from the Silicon Alley perspective. Class attendees even got to hear about some of the more wild parties that have happened and how many of our beloved web shops, organizations, and the scene started and developed. Unable to resist a little "social hour" I brought along some scrumptious desserts and juices for a mini "Juice & Cookies With Courtney" at the end of class!