Wednesday, August 04, 1999

THE CYBER SCENE IN AUSTIN ~ by Will Kreth & Bill Holloway

Party Platform Shoes
Outside it was sticky, but inside it was smooth at the Speakeasy in Austin on August 4th. And being that it was only Courtney's second Austin event of the year (ever?) - the turnout was quite sizeable, perhaps around 100 people over the course of the evening. (Not present at this event, was Benchmark Capital's wunderkind giant and UT MBA grad Bill Gurley, who somehow escaped mention - and the cameras - at the May event.) Local codeslingers and Photoshop-abusers who couldn't tear themselves away from their keyboards and monitors missed a great party. How she does it, I'm just not sure. (Note to Courtney: if you're going to increasingly fly around the country, you should ask the man who always enjoys a good party - Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines - to sponsor your travels. Oh, wait. Virgin doesn't fly domestic, do they? Well, there's always our Texas-native airline led by its own colorful character [Herb Kelleher and Southwest], if you don't happen to have any peanut allergies, that is.) Read the rest of Will's piece, and Bill Holloway's report on KDI of Austin, Dell's doings and AMD!