Monday, August 09, 1999

NYNMA & Ad Club 3-hour tour

With summer's hot days all around us, the booze cruises are in full swing. Not one to shy away from doing what's hot, NYNMA, together with The Ad Club, hosted their boat tour around the Lower part of the Hudson River on Monday, August 9th. A cry of dismay came from many members who got shut out due to the quick response and limited spaces, but those who could make it enjoyed a big, hot buffet of pasta and cooling breezes as the boat chugged along its way. Lisa Lahde and Debbie Newman of DejaNews corrected me on the last week's Austin Cyber Scene on the moving of the company headquarters. In fact, there are still about 85 people down there and about 45 here in NYC. So don't worry, there's still plenty of Deja-ers enjoying the great Austin Scene!

Mark Stahlman, one of the cornerstones of Silicon Alley, was seated with a tres chic beret on the upper deck with Sunny Bates (Sunny Bates Associates) in a sunny orange blouse and NYNMA Exec. Dir. Alice O'Rourke was simply elegant in a light Indian-inspired silk sarong.

Cella Irvine (NYNMA board member) was entertaining a small group about origins of her name (basement, or atrium) and her family history (in Brooklyn since 1720)! Kim Freeman (Bowne), Jeff Cannon (Marcis Interactive) and Steve Ratti (Posnick & Kolker) were out on the front, enjoying the views, and Raphi Salem (Salem Global Internet), Catrina Gregory and Steven Wright-Mark (Schwartz PR) were inside groovin' to the tunes. Bernardo Joselevich (DutyFreeGuide) introduced me to Sean O'Neal (Sony Online) and Sean Jacobsohn (a recent Harvard MBA).

Amy Brownstein of KPE told me they just launched ABC Monday night football's Website ( and Dara Tyson ( was a hit in her perfect Nautical-inspired outfit. Marcelo Weinberg (Redwood Partners), Jill Samame (Connors Communications) and Debra Soffel were also some lucky NYNMA-ers who made the enjoyable cruise. On my way out I chatted with marketing consultant Denise Brown, and brushed shoulders with some of the wacky performers from the mid-cruise show.