Thursday, October 24, 2002


High School reunions always have an element of competition to see who's gained weight, lost hair or what tragedy's befallen the Most Likely To Succeed. But's annual events are like High School reunions where everyone always comes back looking great and is doing interesting things. Such was the case at their 4th Annual MOUSE Champions of Technology & Education Awards Reception on October 24th at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park. The ballroom was set up with many stations of delicious options for tasting and based on the buzz in the room, the beverages were helping everyone feel even more warm and toasty.

When it came time to acknowledge the real reason why we were there the awards people couldn't contain their enthusiastic networking until Jupiter Communications' Gene DeRose boomed out from the podium for people to be quiet. MOUSE executive director Sarah Holloway announced that this year's awards were going to the MOUSE Squad High School students of Dewey High School. This year the students of the MOUSE Squad were honored. Alfred Colon, Christie Galla, Brenda Lopez, Steven Narovlianski, Rose Noel and Dayanra Vega were all looking fabulous as they went up to receive their certificates of distinction. These students help with the help desk and other technical needs for their school. In addition to gaining technical knowledge and expertise, the students also build up their confidence.

MOUSE heavies and board members Joanne Wilson, who's unfailing support for the organization was recognized; founder Andrew Raisej; Runtime Technologies president and CEO Bob Matsuoka and Crest Communications Holdings general counsel Matt O'Connell were schmoozing in their clique. I chatted with Dawn Barber and Tom Watson for a bit before Creative Good president Mark Hurst and I met up with consultant Greg Elin.

Attorney Steve Masur, Starvest Partners' Rachel Masters, City of Yokohama NYC representative Justin Zimmerman and JKS Events owners Janeen Saltman and Alden Levy were all enjoying the evening and catching up with friends they hadn't seen in a while.

Pepper Evans and Catherine Winchester were looking most elegant as they chatted with Bonnie Halper. Deloitte and Touche's Ellen Auwarter and NYNMA's Alice O'Rourke also cut a fine figure as they sampled some crudite. Poet Sarah Bedell and her friend Robin Glasser lingered as the raffle prizes were being called out.

The comraderie and interest from everyone there kept the majority of the guests till the bitter end, and then quite a few went upstairs to the Rise bar where views of the Hudson and Manhattan drinks could be had. To honor the students that make the programs at MOUSE work, was an especially nice gesture this year.