Wednesday, October 30, 2002

ETA: Now for Drama

The Entertainment Technology Alliance hosted their first conference in New York from October 30 - November 1st. Held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, it offered compelling panels looking at the technology behind digital effects, how to make a digital film and how to migrate traditional filmmaking into the new technologies.

Of course, it wouldn't be an entertainment conference without some drama, no? So attendees got that and more (like information) at the "Advancements in Technology Changes Movies & TV Forever" panel, moderated by Mayra Landgon Riesman. The Official Correspondent for the Cannes Film Festival Henri Behar commented that the forces driving technology into the entertainment industry must be cautious created and created quite a stir. Other panelists for this charged panel were's Bernard Gershon, iTV Alliance's Ben Mendelson, Bear Stearns' Cliff Friedman, BMI's Richard Conlin and Discreet's Maurice Patel.

Screen Digest senior analyst Patrick Von Sychwoski moderated a panel on What are the new opportunities for Digital Cinema. VIP luncheons and cocktail parties each night helped all the attendees feel like real glamorama big-wigs. How could you not rubbing elbows with the A-list people they had in such a sumputous environment?! More ETA's coming your way at;