Friday, October 18, 2002

New Yorkers Find Love ~ by Tery Spataro

Relationships seem to be the topic of conversation these days. In the past we all took the cliche "it's not personal, it's only business" very seriously. Business performance became the priority over personal life. Well now there is resurgence in meaningful and long lasting relationships.
This past year we seem to rekindle matters of the heart. I for one have spent time on the dating scene trying to find Mr. my case that will be Mr. Imperfection. I've been open to trying everything from online dating forums like to, to friends setting me up with blind dates, to chance moments in the Amish Market, to even riding the first car of the subway. I even put together a list of special eligible bachelors that I have been considering. Though I've never been in a rush to be in a relationship I do find the process to be both delightful and frustrating.
During my course I discovered one of our favorite elder statesmen, Gary Welz exploring the subject of dating. I decided to attend one of his Personal Relationship Management Events. Gary's been an old friend from the Silicon Alley early days and has transformed from Internet expert to a new passion: Interactive Performance Artist and Relationship Connoisseur. In his PRS Events Gary highlights the trials and tribulations of dating through a series of PowerPoint presentations and audience participation. It's so much fun with a willing and diverse audience filled with both Venus and Mars explore mating rituals. Gary delights us with his dating antidotes while educates on matters of the heart from various perspectives. See and experience one of Gary's performances (, which just might improve your love life.