Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Dr. Hauschka Party at Lot 61 ~ by Danielle Cyr, Esq

I attended the party at Lot 61 for the opening of the downtown spa for the Dr. Hauschka skincare line (my favorite!).  I first bumped into Barbara Cronie, a Reiki Master, at the bar while we ordered the exotic martinis that Lot 61 is known for (watermelon, raspberry or ginger martinis, anyone?).  I introduced myself to Erica Bryan, who is the Dr. Hauschka rep for New York City.  Erica and I chatted about the interesting history of the Dr. Hauschka line which used to be sold only in health food stores and is now being sold nationwide in all Sephora stores (among other places).  Erica introduced me to Sharonah Rapseik, who is the owner of holistic spa, Natural Radiance, which uses Dr. Hauschka products. 

Larry Davidsberg, who is involved in the theatre promotions business, and I chatted briefly and I next spoke with Roxanne Trimm who was enjoying herself and speaking with her fellow partygoers.  Jackie Goldstein of Jax Creations, the promoter of the event, introduced me to Scott Alger of MTV Networks and Scott said, “I know you!”   Scott and I had tried to do a videogame deal two years ago and he explained that the reason it never happened was because of office politics at the time.  We caught up about what we were both up to these days and promised to keep in better touch.  Scott gave me his email address to facilitate this process and, I must say, it was one of the “coolest” email addresses I’ve ever heard/seen (sorry, but you’ll have to get it from Scott!).  Jackie also introduced me to Joel (her name is pronounced, “Jo-elle”) Moss and “Evan”.  I asked Evan to repeat his name as I didn’t catch it the first time and I later found out he was an actor on HBO’s “Oz” (unfortunately, I don’t watch the show). 

The event was picking up but thanks to business picking up, I had to leave early!

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