Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Good Times

The last few weeks have brought a number of excellent networking and learning opportunities for professionals in the city whatever your interest. Entertainment Chiefs in TV met on Tuesday, October 29th at the Waldorf-Astoria for the International Radio & Television Society Foundation. Guests heard from experts like Gail Berman of Fox, Jordan Levin of the WB, Susan Lyne of ABC, Dawn Ostroff of UPN, Nancy Tellem of CBS and Jeff Zucker of NBC. Those interested in children and media benefited from the Center for Communication's evening on "Adventures in Children's Media" on October 22nd at HBO's offices. Talented writers, technologists and marketers applied and plied for jobs in children's television and digital media.

Another monthly networking group is in town, and recruiters and entrepreneurs showed up for nPost.com's Networking nBeer event at the Coffee Shop Bar (http://www.npost.com) while Brooklynites got another chance to rub elbows and schmooze at Digital NYC and Broadband Brooklyn's "OctoberFest at Broadband Brooklyn Bar Night" at the Brooklyn Brewery. Brewskies and hearty treats from the Old World filled those bellies while the tunee of modern music filled the ear drums.

"Think of the market like an ocean. It's changing every single day all over the world." It was a nice visual to think of something that usually can seem frightening and complex to a novice (the market, not the ocean). Statements like that, and others, were how the savvy Kathryn O'Hagan spoke to the guests at her seminar on October 23rd at the Haelth Spa in Soho. It was a"haelthy" night indeed, crisp apples to munch on while getting good financial advice. Afterwards Haelth Spa COO Pamela Damsky provided an overview of this full-service health center. They do research on health topics, offer exercise classes (yoga, pilates, etc) and acupuncture along with nutritional counseling, massage and more! (http://www.haelth.com/)