Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Cocktails with Courtney ~ October

Rain, rain, go away! But you can't keep my friends away! The October Cocktails with Courtney event on Wednesday, October 16th was a cozy collection of old and new friends. Coincidentally, because Flute (on 20th Street) has a habit of other planning events in the same space as my event, we were mixed in with members of the MITP (Minorities in Technology Programming). This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, although it can be a bit annoying as a party planner. Nonetheless, we saw the likes of people like Nu-net CEO Dietmar Petutsching, Private Label InterActive president Lydia Sugarman, Silberware's Mark Silber, Wall Street Journal writer James Taranto, Jan Bergthun, Mary Dawne Arden and Karthik Swaminathan. 
RR Whiz Kids--Combined Forces' Loren Pomerantz, LandersMadden's Machie Anne Madden, Schwartz PR's Steven Wright-Mark and Sloan & Company's Rob Argento--were out in full force. I also met some new lovelies like Janica--a TV star in Japan, who came round via our mutual Parisian friend Stock On Web Managing Director Victor Le Broussois.

One of the joys of hosting these events is that, like any good party, you get to see your old friends, but you also get to meet new ones as well. This night I got to meet Networking for Professionals president Amanda Nissman, CS Technology managing director Eileen Harris and CRC sales executive Scott Goldberg, Ellen Silverman, Adweek's Karen Sharkey and Brian Helfrich.'s Bob Ponce introduced me to MITP event organizer Tanja Omeze ( Attorney Danielle Cyr brought along Jen Grant and Bloom Flowers's Serena Walker brought along a few pals. Special thanks to Stuart Mark Gross and his for photographing the soiree for us. You can see the pics at: and enter password: 1003
Come by our next event and meet all these fine folks too!