Thursday, April 11, 2002

TV Makes the City Party Scene Go 'Round

Thursday night, April 11th was to hold surprises all night of a TV-theme on the temperate spring night. Starting off in the trendy Meat-packing district TV-freelance reporter and anchor Nonnie Gerber and I enjoyed champagne and great conversations with Japan TV's Kenzo Hashimoto at Pastis for the TV5 launch in New York City. ( This French-language programming channel was introduced, in French, as the champagne, red and white wines flowed. Also endless were the platters of oysters and shrimp. Hors d'oeuvres of cod fritters and asparagus-wrapped carpaccio were being passed like there was no tomorrow and then waiters came out one after another with so many plates of salmon, roast beef and chicken you could've fed a large family in Nebraska!

Nonnie and I were joined by Chris Lukas and Dan Berg. Together, with Ian Shapolsky we went up the street to a Princess Grace fundraiser on 14th Street. After more champagne we hopped in Nonnie's Porsche for a quick trip uptown to Henri Bendel's where we brushed passed (and gave a nod of greeting) to "Sex & The City" star Kim Cattrall and fashion-designer Patricia Field. I almost got knocked over by a few drag queens and one woman's afro was so high (about a foot!) that it too nearly knocked me over as she turned around quickly. Our hearts beat deeply as we passed the booming heavy bass pumping out of the speakers. We decided we'd had enough of the loud-craziness and wove our way out... back into the cooling night and calm NYC streets!