Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Nunet's 5th Anniversary

While the big news in New York has been about the record-heat, there have been some cool parties. You may feel that the quietness in the Alley is an indication that there isnít much going on. But, au contraire! Just this Wednesday, April 17th interactive shop nunet held a fabulous soiree in their swanky new offices. The cause de celebre? A new office space in New York, a new office in Los Angeles and being in business for five years! The white walls and space were cook and refreshing, perked up by lime green accents. This shop, famous for their work with Fashion Week (and all the digital photography for it), had photography equipment lining the walls in the back room and sleek Appleís and employeeís quirky touches on the desks.
CEO Dietmar Petutschnig greeted guests with wide open arms and introduced me to HSBC insurance sales officer Arthur Nathan. Arnell Groupís Monte Bartlett introduced me to tech-wiz Jim English, who was in some spiffy shoes! We chatted and caught up on whereabouts of mutual friends. Later, more salt-of-the-earth Silicon Alley-ites, like attorney Steve Masur, showed up. The evening was a perfect celebration of good people and a good company with a positive energy focused on the future. Pictures are at