Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Lincoln Day Festivities

Most American's recognize February as a month with Lincoln and Washington's birthday. Some even get a day off for President's Day and we all know about all the car sales and department store sales that pop up in honor of our former presidents. After all, what's more American than shopping and buying a brand-spanking new car?!

Well, there is another "Lincoln Day" festivity, which was held on Wednesday, April 3rd at the Regent Wall Street in downtown New York City. The Lincoln Day Dinner was started, and chaired, by Senator Roy Goodman over 30 years ago. This New York Republican Committee Annual Dinner brought together republican representatives, and other politicos, from across the state to celebrate and welcome the new chair for the reception--Andrew Eristoff. Eristoff's goals are to revitalize the Republican party, bring in more young people and make it inclusive and hip!

And hip it was! At least the party was. In former years, it's been at the Sheraton, but Eristoff called upon the dynamic and beautiful Michelle Bouchard to organize the affair. Because she knew it was a great venue, and because she wanted to support downtown NYC, she chose the Regent Wall Street. They also reached their goal of getting younger generations there as well-many 25 and 35-year olds showed up to hear Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg speak. Other speakers were Assemblyman John Ravitz, Assemblyman John Faso (who is also running for State Controller and who was Guiliani's former Commissioner of Finance. Councilmen Gallagher and Oddo, Senator Espeda (the controversial one-switching from Democratic to Republican) and NY State Republican Committee chairman Alexander Treadwell were there to "press-the-flesh." NY State Independence party chairman Cathy Stewart and NY State Conservative party chairman Dan Mahoney showed their support at the event as well as celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz, the heart surgeon and author ("Healing from the Heart").

Not only was there superlative schmoozing, but the band was heating things up considerably too. Republican District Leader Lolita Jackson and The Rummies helped make this hip party the first of what will be many more for the new Republicans!