Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Independent films 'r in da house

The camera zoomed in for a close-up. It focused on a tight-fitting Lycra top on a well-endowed woman just as she began adjusting herself and smoothing out the front. A bit down the way, another camera scanned quickly and then stopped on another chesty lass and then moved down to the derriere for inspection.

No, contrary to what you may think, I hadn't decided to stop into a XXX shop for amusement, but the lads at the 5th Annual Brooklyn International Film Festival kick-off party at the Remote Lounge on Wednesday, April 3rd were certainly taking advantage of the voyeuristic aspects of this trendy bar.

Among one of the more decent fellows whom I chatted with was Small Wood & Stuart production editor Sam Miller. He introduced me to his friend, writer and producer Serena McDonald, whose film "The Gentle Cycle" was being shown in the festival. Serena then introduced me to her director, 6-time Emmy award winner Peter Nolan. architects Gabriel Conzalaz and Gatan Michaux were enjoying the evening with their friend Ole Hansen, who works on reproductive health issues for women in Africa and Latin America. Nectarios Leonidas was also among the classier gentlemen and explained how he's just finished his film but also just missed the deadline for this festival and the South by Southwest film festival that was in March. You can learn more about his film, though, by going to

Anya Pechko brushed past me, shoving me out of her way, so she could go chat with one of her friends. She might want to reference the recent articles on rudeness mentioned above. I introduced myself to her and met Seth Carmichael, who is a film producer. The festival's artsy scene was drawing in the eclectic crowd and the free beers from Stella Artois were keeping them satiated-that and all the voyeurism that was going on!