Tuesday, April 02, 2002

CyberCherub Investor Network ~ Special Offer

Dear Cyberscene Subscribers:

TheCyberScene is excited to offer you a unique opportunity to receive free membership in the CyberCherub Investor Network. This forward-looking group links investors, private equity, and venture capital for start-up companies.

With your free membership, CyberCherub will offer you the chance to peruse venture capital deals which have been pre-screened by its knowledgeable staff. There is no cost to you, and the advantages of membership are:

* CyberCherub understands that private equity investors are more important to start-ups that venture capital firms.
* CyberCherub verifies the entrepreneurs proof of concept prior to submission to an investor.
* CyberCherub Associates have valuable practical experience in researching business proposals.
* CyberCherub Network adds value such as stragetic alliances, clients, resources to entrepreneurs and investors.

This is a great opportunity for accessing information on companies which have the potential to be rising stars with your involvement in their success. Why wait another moment to venture upon a chance to learn about investment opportunities which only CyberCherub can share with you?

Along with your free membership, you will begin receiving via e-mail the "CyberCherub Newsletter" along with executive summaries of pre-screened emergent growth companies as per your selected preferences.

As a member you will receive early advices of selected companies, invitations to private dinners and or breakfasts with presentations by the emerging company, and the CyberCherub Newsletter
Join today! It's easy! Just fill out the simple membership form below and you are on your way to learning about exciting new investment opportunities.

Once your membership form is received by the CyberCherub staff, a representative will contact you to discuss qualifications and then begin to process your membership. You will then be able to further customize your membership; of course, you can make changes any time via e-mail. Any questions you have can be sent to info@cybercherub.com.

CyberCherub Investor Network looks forward to welcoming you and a long term profitable relationship

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Pursuant to SEC Regulation D, Rule 501, (17 C.F.R. § 230.501(a)), an Accredited Investor" is defined as one of the two following types of investors: A natural person whose net worth exceeds $1,000,000, or whose income exceeds $200,000 ($300,000 if jointly with spouse); or Institutional investors such as a bank, broker or dealer, insurance company, investment company, SBA-licensed Small Business Investment Company, or other investment funds. To enroll in the CyberCherub, an investor must certify on the Investor Enrollment Form that he or she is an accredited investor under this definition. Additionally, it is the duty of the securities issuer to ensure that each investor purchasing its securities, pursuant to the Model Accredited Investor Exemption or similar exemption, meets the definition of an accredited investor.

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