Wednesday, May 21, 1997

A Gritty Evening

ON MAY 21 GOULD Resources & Internet Telecommunications--that's GRIT for short, partner--held an inaugural broadcast from The Museum of Television & Radio ( This event honored GRIT's donation of interviews, news, and talk format programming to the Museum's permanent collection. The show's content archived and discussed radio and television broadcasting from early years to present Internet transmissions. Some guests were: Tom Bergeron, host of "Fox After Breakfast," veteran broadcaster Edwin Newman, and Rabbi Ronald B. Sobel of Congregation Emanu-El. I got to speak with GRIT's president Robert Gould during the private reception following. He bubbled, "It's great. I can't believe it!" Host of "Media MADness" Aaron Cohen was equally exuberant. He introduced me to show host Jason Ojalvo who commented, "It's nice the museum has recognized this media while its still fresh and not waiting till it is a relic." Marketing director Jodie Kahn admitted, "it's an honor to be accepted to broadcast from the museum and it'll be interesting to see what Internet broadcast becomes."