Thursday, May 01, 1997

May Day! Razorfish party!

May Day! May Day! Naked Dancing Ladies seen at the Razorfish party! Actually, it was a gold-lame clad butterfly winged belly dancer... But that was only one small part of this wild extravaganza that had so many Silicon Alley folks chatting over the week. The vast loft was divided by huge expanses of saran-wrap and steel barriers with cartoon faces drawn on them and montages of old avant-guard 20's films with crazy experimental dancers projected on the walls. Mr. Tanguery was highly apparent in buttons, large cardboard cutouts, and plastic martini glasses for party-goers. A KILLER band with amazing drum beat helped us cut loose - two great dancers I spied were Loryn Locklin of the Cassandra Group and Dylan Christy of Airmedia. I also spied and got to catch up with Brad Paley, of DID, who created the Digital Monkey. I also ran into former NYU Tisch Experimental Theater Workshop classmate of mine, Conchetta Kirshner, who's looking very Courtney Love and stars in her own band now. "Superstar Princess" is touring in Canada and has an album out already. wow. Other hipsters present were: Bonnie Halper, Heather Champ and Veronique Christensen freelance web producer.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)