Saturday, May 03, 1997


[Calendar notice: Take in Jonathan Sarno's "The New York Filmmakers and Webmasters Spring Ball" ( on May 3. The Ball is going to be on the "Frying Pan," an old hull of a ship, moored on Pier 63, one block North of Chelsea Pier. Room for 400 people and next door is a pier with a tent for live bands, Samba dancers, and another 400 people! Views of the Statue of Liberty, the crystal waters of the Hudson and New Jersey! Admission is free with cash bar.]

The balmy air, the murky seductive waters of the Hudson, the aromatic fish smells of the docks, the stars in the sky, the great salsa band - what could make a night out on the town better?! Kudos to Jonathan Sarno and his WebCinema group for putting on a quite impressive party at the Frying Pan (old ship) docked off the Chelsea Piers. Once you get over the slightly disorienting location, this event, presented in conjuntion with Troma Films included performances from a band, and special appearance from Sargeant Kabuki NYPD. I got to speak with Sargent Kabuki and his charitable self showed through the theatrical make up. He has spend the last 25 years helpping others do independent films, as well as keeping our streets safe! Other happy revelers included Bonnie Halper of, Sam Huxley of Y& R New Tech, Sherry Reisner, Chan Suh of, Martin Kane and Bill Carmody. We even were privy to an impromptu display of fireworks, compliments of some other event downriver!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)