Wednesday, May 07, 1997

Myriad Agency lunch

Wednesday, 5/7
I was the lucky guest of Myriad Agency and got a bird's-eye view of what's going on at this highly interesting company's shop. Ciran Bossom, EVP, and I lunched on a yummy gourmet lunch from Olive's in Soho as we discussed where Myriad is going (far!). I had a chance to hear an in-depth overview of Myriad's philosophy on website development and some of their current and upcoming projects. Having been in a few different shops myself, I really was happily impressed with their thoughtful approach. They keep the client in mind, and focus on either context or content sites beginning with developing a "click-through" site architecture for the client to grasp the future site's navigation. Once this is agreed upon, then Myriad develops a few "look and feel" pages for the client to decide on how they would like to present themselves graphically on the web. Myriad's offices are in the former Prodigy headquarters, large robitron sculpture "I Sore" (?), zig-zaggy carpeting, cylindrical paper floor-to-ceiling lamps, earth-toned, spacious Noho loft. And even Ed Bennet still has an office up front to conduct business in!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)