Friday, May 16, 1997

Russian Webgirls 2nd Issue and Site design

SOBODNA AND THE DYEVUSKIIS were out! Klasna! The Russian Web Girls ( party was definitely a "heady" experience. In commemoration of their second issue and site design, Vodka Boys were running rampant, pouring nice clear cold Stoli into many a paper cup. Creative producer Vica Vinogradova, art director Alona Makeeva, and editor Marina Lakhman were among the stars of the show, modelling liquid slip dresses with smokey patterns by Anna Elia. Heather Champ graced the party with her appearance and Alex Chaffee, creator of Gamelan, donned a tux. Chucking back Stolis were CyberTimes editor Rob Fixmer and writer Lisa Napoli. Notable inventor Ken Schaffer ( was busy with the camera as his wife, award-winning actress, Alla Kliouka and bonded once we realized we were both part of the same
NYU Circle in the Square--Shepkin Theater School exchange program. Imagine that.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)