Saturday, May 10, 1997

MetroHome, Inc. Launch Party

That "homing" instinct has apparently been affecting a flock of us New Yorkers (original and transplants). Luckily, MetroHome, Inc. has come to the rescue. This group, headed up by Brigid Kelly, has created a site that provides up-to-date apartment listings and comprehensive city related housing information. The site has seen a lot of traffic from .edu domains, and large corporate companies who typically hire many students for the summer. Toni Wang, Site Logistics Manager, John D'addario, Site Designer, and Amanda Biers-Melcher, Advertising Rep were all present and had an abundance of enthusiasm about the site and its potential. The launch party on Saturday 5/10 brought out one of the most eclectic mixes I've been present in: a gaggle of recently graduated medical students soon to go into various residencies, intrepid netnauts such as Emily Davidow, Sherry Riesner, and Alexander Stikich, photographer, clad in a hip navy blue nylon 70's style jacket with a cute bug-like alien decal on the breast pocket. I also had a chance to speak with two appropriately invited gentlemen who have started up a moving company. Although they were slightly dazed and confused about the whole web party scene, (I over heard them commenting to each other, "there's a party going on here, right?"), let me tell you girls, these men could move your hearts and furniture! ;) M&A (Mark and Alfred) Moving Company. Based in our own "BK" (brooklyn), insured, and ONLINE! Email M @ for more info.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)