Thursday, May 15, 1997

National Cristina Foundation @ Hansen's Brewery

The party continued at the National Cristina Foundation ( event at Hansen's Brewery in mid-town. Seth Goldstein and Nicole Ferber of SiteSpecific ( filled me in on this wonderful organization and their efforts to aid disabled people with computers and technology. Our new media gurus are getting quite classy as I spotted Howard Greenstein of Microsoft ( in a Fab tie, his charming wife Pam in a beautiful lavendar suit, David Blumenstein looking quite sharp, and Ryan Nelson ( in a cool U of Iowa Fencing jacket. Steve Mintz, Geo Geller, Clay Shirky and Mark Jeffrey of The Palace ( and I all marveled at the new Dilbert pen Robin Udcoff (Barnes & Noble) gave me to better aid me in my note keeping. The night went into the wee hours of the morning as Jim Butterworth, president and CEO of NetCast Communications, corralled a posse of us down to El Teddy's for margaritas. Ole!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)