Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Tavern Brawl and Flush Flatiron ~ by Gina M. Larson

Jim Sosnicky's gang on the Great American Bar Tour turned the Tavern on the Green into just another, well, tavern. The party started with all the high-brow fan fare that one would expect at the famous Central Park destination, but quickly turned into a Western bar-brawl scene as one of the guests disgusted with the service, flung her cocktail towards her waitress. The bare-shouldered bar server quickly challenged the guest to a bitch-slapping contest out in the garden. Jim tried desperately to keep the peace between the managers, staff and rest of the guests in attendance last night. Next week, the gang gets bounced to Brooklyn. www.broadwayjim.com

Further downtown, a tamer time was going on at Twirl. In the mirror-magnified club I found Michael Abramson, publisher of Flatiron Magazine was relaxed and carefree. The reason: unlike his fellow peers in the media, Abramson said he is feeling flush from the growing number of advertisers in his six-year old magazine. Kristie Macris, editor of the publication said the event was also a fun way to kick-off summer in the city and a new issue. Charlie Liu and Chris Lekazhik from Mediavest were just there to listen to the grooves of DJ Pink Panther, who was doing his job of cajoling guests onto the floor.