Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Hustling the Silicon Alley Yearbook

Scharmann's, in trendy SoHo, changed from a relaxing antique-y cafe to a hip-hip nightclub filled with netizens and denizens of Silicon Alley's old guard. The comfy room of antique and overstuffed sofas, loveseats and chaise lounges was was full and the party spilled out onto the sidewalk, lasting until well after midnight.

And what Silicon Alley reunion was this? The book release party for "Digital Hustlers" by Steve Weiss and Casey Kait! Among the real-life characters who are also in the book were Scott Heiferman, Andrew Rasiej, Marc Singer, Brian Horey, Lisa Napoli, Mark Stahlman, Connie Connors, Theresa Duncan, John Young, Red Burns, Bernardo Joselevich, Howard Greenstein, Syl Tang, Dennis Adamo and John Egan Preston.

Digital Hustlers, by Casey Kait & Stephen Weiss, is an oral history of Silicon Alley published by Regan Books / HarperCollins. In it, Alley veterans like Craig Kanarick, Esther Dyson, Kevin O'Connor, Kevin Ryan, yours truly, Alan Meckler, Scott Kurnit, Jerry Colonna, Fernando Espuelas and dozens of others who recount their experiences building Alley companies and facing down the market crash. For more information about the book, go to