Friday, June 22, 2001

Bouchard For the City!

The beauty of work and life today is that you can have many different careers, start them at different times in your life and have (for the most part) an equal shot at succeeding with each. A perfect example of this is Michelle Bouchard, who has created careers in technology marketing, real estate development, the theater and now politics. A first-time politician running on the Republican/Independent ticket for the Chelsea/SoHo district, Michelle says she cares deeply about the city and some of the major issues it's facing. Currently she's focusing on issues surrounding education, the environment, sanitation and development. But Michelle is mainly concerned with the issues residents feel are important. On Thursday, June 21st, the first of a monthly series of cocktail parties was held in the palatial-feeling, Upper West Side apartment of Darby Townsend. I chatted for a bit with Campaign Attorney James Andrews, and caught up a bit with RealityIQ's Bizdev VP Jared Carney. Web Mortar's Justin Model and more than 50 other professionally-minded Michelle supporters came to hear her speech, raise a glass in her honor and even network among themselves.