Thursday, June 14, 2001

Space, Views, Cocktails -- a perfect summer kickoff

The June Cocktails with Courtney event was a departure from previous ones in a few respects. Normally we host them in an upscale restaurant or lounge. This month, we decided to take advantage of the gloriously spacious loft condominiums available at The Carl Fischer Building on. Instead of heavy, leather chairs and plush, velvet sofas, guests mingled around a raw concrete space with, of course, the signature confetti strewn about. This time, though, I threw caution to the wind as handful after handful of big, colorful confetti landed onto the floors and tables! Guests enjoyed an unlimited supply of Beef Wellington, zucchini and crudite. Desserts of chocolate brownies and strawberries dipped in chocolate followed. The wine and Bombay Sapphire flowed like honey.

Usually our large draw leaves some people feeling cramped in typically NYC-sized venues. But this 8,000-square-foot floor comfortably held our guests. And those who wanted to escape for a bit took a cocktail up to the roof deck for stunning views of the north, south, east and west. DJ Johnny Danger soothed harried and hot souls with some fine Sinatra selections and then mixed it up with equally hot 80s tunes.

The Carl Fischer Building, once a landmark for its sheet music publishing houses and signature music-note clock on the building’s side has been transformed into a new landmark building with high-speed Internet connections, huge creative loft arrangements and full-service building amenities. From music publishing to broadband living, the Carl Fischer Building offered a perfect setting for the creatively, technically and financially-savvy guests who came on Thursday’s Cocktails with Courtney.