Thursday, June 07, 2001

Doing Business With Mexico ~ An E-Wired Future ~ by Mary Dawne Arden

On June 7, 2001 at the Plaza Hotel ballroom in New York City Julio Cesar Margain, COO for a dynamic and comprehensive online initiative of the Mexican Government and Chief of Staff for The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, gave an inspirational presentation to the United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce. It is a New On-Line Communications System connecting Mexico to the World. This new initiative? Sistema -Mexico

President Fox has chosen the perfect person to lead Sistema e-Mexico. Dr. Margain holds Degrees in Astrophysics, Philosophy, and Systems Management from MIT, and Artificial Intelligence among many others. He has been a Professor of Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Mathematics, History of Technology and many other advanced sciences. He has been Director of IT for Banco de Mexico, Aeromexico and many Government and Business projects too numerous to name here

Margain is a brilliant visionary who has the experience and ability to bring President Fox’s vision of a completely wired nation into REALITY. President Vincente Fox of Mexico is convinced that in order for Mexico to overcome the enormous socio-economic contrasts that exist among its regions, it is necessary to connect the country at all levels, offering the same access and opportunities to all of those who live in Mexico. To achieve this goal President Fox has launched an on-line system that will connect all of Mexico.

This Sistema e-Mexico will connect Mexico at the Federal, Regional, State and Municipal levels. It will make Mexico a completely WIRED Nation. It will create the Portal e-Mexico that will open its doors to the world. It will offer unlimited business opportunities in e-commerce, telecommunications infrastructure and software development.

The Mexican Government wants to support and encourage any companies that want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to become part of this new e-Mexico that is unfolding today and will bring Mexico into the position of a major player in the international business and technology world. For more information please go to the Website listed below or contact the U.S. Mexico Chamber of Commerce.