Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Shalom! A day for honor

Mike Levy, founder, president and CEO of Sportsline USA, Inc., and Candice

Carpenter, co-chairperson and CEO of iVillage, Inc. were the esteemed
honorees at the UJA-Federation of NY's Annual Acehivement in Technology and
New Media. And the reputable Joe Namath and Barry Diller were the noted
award presenters. The major media event took place in that popular Puck
building on Wednesday, November 17th. I had a chance to meet Joe, Barry, Mike and Candice before the ceremony, and all were pleasant and pleased by the event and the evening.

The men were sharply dressed and the women were bejeweled. I also had a chance to chat with Scott Kurnit ( and Andrew Raisej (DCN and MOUSE). Gordon Gould, Kevin O'Connor (DoubleClick) and Deborah
Newman, along with tres beaucoup slick Silicon Alleyers, were enjoying
samplings from one of the various buffet tables. David J. Leffler was
chatting with Carla Gochman Devillers of Crevauz Capital near the sushi
table. Michael Staisil of Position Partners was introduced to me near the
Italian table. After speaking for a bit with Burt Alimansky (Alimansky
Capital Group) and Bruce Strylczck (Richard A. Eisnor), I met James
Abernathy of Abernathy MacGregor Frank (near the Roast Beef).

After a well-rounded cocktail hour we were encouraged not-so-subtly to
enter the dining room. After welcome speeches and a prayer, dinner was
served and a band played soft neo-jazz as cocktail-party chatter
turned into dinner conversation.

What an honor to meet such illustrative people and have an opportunity to
be a part of a respected organization's effort at honoring them.