Tuesday, November 02, 1999

Psychedelic Hot

Green crystal balls hung from everyone's necks, giving the room a soft eerie glow at the Go.com party at Float. Ian Shapolsky of TheSmallWorld.com and Bart Kellerman of Response.com were two of the glowing figures I saw at the party that we attended after Floating around at the IBM Hot Media party at the former Tatou club, One 51. A monster TV screen showed off ipix as Amy Brownstein of KPE and I entered the club. We immediately met Danny Robinson of Palo Alto-based Spinway.com. When he heard what I do, he lost no time telling me about the flurry of Internet parties that occur in Silicon Valley. In fact he's thinking of starting a Thursday night gig, similar to The Standard's, on his company's rooftop.

Robert Levin, CEO of TheSmallWorld.com told me they're changing their name to TransClick--with just one click your content is translated into five languages. Further inside the psychedelically swirling lights and below the space-age Michelangelo-inspired ceiling, I spoke with Wayne Serves, IBM's Hot Media website producer and Rene Ruis from IBM's database marketing group. Fried chicken fingers and satay were finding their way to the invited guests of ad agencies, web developers and the design community, but I was on my way to a party geared toward the musically inclined.