Wednesday, November 17, 1999

"From the heart of Texas to the core of the Big Apple"

This is part of what William Cargill, the VP Marketing of Hoover's Online, would've said if he made a speech at the opening of their NY office. However the evening was nice and mellow and with martini's floating around in the fingers of friends and executives, he opted for just relaxing too. It wasn't hard to enjoy this party, set in a new-classic office and the best view of the Pulitzer Fountain (in front of the Plaza Hotel). Catering by Daniel Boulud added to the refinery and each room had a whimsical and artful hand-drawn illustration by the famed artist Ivan Jensen. Patrick Spain, Chairman, President, & CEO of Hoover's, was enjoying conversations and Elisabeth Demarse, EVP content, strategy & acquisitions, who was in the most beautiful suit I've seen in a long time, introduced me to Philip Ellenberg (managing director, corp. dev.), Jani Farlwo Spede (VP, advert. & e-com) and Steven Goldstein (CEO, Data Downlink). I also ran into the witty writer Steven Gelsi of CBS Marketwatch, who in turn introduced me to fellow reporter, Jon Friedman and Thom Calandra (VP, news & Editor-in-Chief), who appears on Sunday mornings on CBS. The witty repartee was well underway and showed no signs of stopping as I gathered my goodie bag and coat and headed on.