Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Pressing the Flesh at "Cocktails"

Sponsored by UniversityVentures.com and RealMedia.com

Downstairs a round table of about eight tall willowy blond models sat for dinner, while upstairs, at a nightclub in Soho, Veruka, the November "Cocktails with Courtney" was well underway and with many new faces. Seth Braunstein et al, Michele Bentivegna, Jill Young and friends from Tech Expo International, Seth Walk from Entrypoint and Michael Winston of SixDegrees all came to view UniversityVentures' new website and hope for a chance to win RealMedia's raffle of a Rio player. From the tres artistique set were artist Alyona Makeeva (www.avant-rus.com), photographer Fred George (www.fredgeorge.com) and Anna Eliashevich, who will be making my dress for the Black Tie benefit!