Thursday, November 11, 1999

New ventures for a Satellite

Now all companies incubated out of 55 Broad Street can benefit from the legal expertise of Strook & Strook & Lavan LLP as they opened a satellite office to assist in trademark, patents and other matters that come up for the many new companies straining to make it in this marketplace. And to kick off this great service, they hosted a sizeable soiree as a service to tenants and guests on Thursday, November 11th. Upon arriving I spoke with Jason Largever of the New York Information Technology Center, who told me about the busy booking for this space. Counsel for the Graphic Artists Guild Daniel Abraham and S&S&L trademark attorney Heather Danzig were chatting it up by the fruit bowl, and S&S&Lers James DeCarlo and Howard Gitten were making sure my digital camera was a patented item. (I'm sure Olympus has a patent!) Keaton Parekh (of S&S&L) and Ajay Arora of Web Design House and eRSVP were enjoying some of the nice red wine and Neil Miller and Dan Spiner of Progressive Strategies were entertaining David Stephens (S&S&L) and John Young (Pikholz Tweedy + Company). Nearby I spoke with Frank DeMarco, Lauren Schwartz, Larry Reader and Joan Dziena of Outside the Box Interactive. They just finished one of their arcade games for Chuck E. Cheese.
Some episodic interactive TV show types were milling about too, namely Alexander Westerman and Amanda Charlton of Ioncast and Neil Duffy of With all this growth in our industry, these startups need all the help they can get!