Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Wearing Pulitzers

Well last week they were handing out Pulitzers and this week they were wearing them! New York Junior League volunteers were modeling Lilly Pulitzer dresses at the "A Taste of Spring" cocktail party held at the Junior League's headquarters on Thursday, April 22nd. I modeled two delightfully springy outfits from Carlisle (if you're interested, contact Adair at 212.751.6490). There were other fashions, a silent auction and wine tastings for Long Island and Upstate NY vineyards. Although this evening we were relaxing, over 2500 Junior League volunteers spend tens of thousands of hours each year volunteering in city and community organizations working with children, incarcerated women, young mothers, homeless and handicapped children. These efforts help the city and provide a balance in one's overworked cyber life. Among the attendees were Angel Riggins, JL volunteer and who works at Hearst's new media division, Randall Stempler, who has the definitive Cyber Calendar of Charity events (http://www.inx.net/~randall/) and Michael Collins of Proxicom.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)