Friday, April 18, 1997

Calendar of Events - published 4/18/97

ON THE CALENDAR: Calling all Intrepid NetNauts! Come help out on Saturday, April 19, for NETDAY. Here's your chance to help wire public schools -- starting with Washington Irving High School. This is an effort fueled by private companies and individuals. Using the "Adopt-A-Highway" metaphor, the goal for this particular school is to put in 54 work-stations. Andrew Rasiej of Irving Plaza has already installed a T1 line. Please come join the effort to enable our city's youth to get connected and advance technologically. You can contact Cecilia Pagkalinawan, 212-886-3964, or Andrew at: 212-777-6817.

Echo's latest interactive series Alt.Film uses the power of online communications to increase awareness and promote the work of independent and alternative filmmakers, producers, writers, and directors. This month's Alt.Film event is an sponsored screening and party at the GEN ART Film Festival. Join them on April 25th and see the future of filmmaking with the first-ever digital-video, special-effects-saturated love story to hit the big screen-- LOVE GOD, a film by Frank Grow. It's your standard love story: monster eats transvestite prostitute, schizophrenic boy meets mute girl, worm probes monster. All this on the streets of our beloved New York City.

Guy Garcia, the founding editor of Total New York and an executive producer, at Digital City Studio, will be appearing on NBC (Sunday, April 27, 6:30am) and PBS (Saturday, May 3, 1:30 pm) to talk about old media, new media and his critically-acclaimed novel, Skin Deep, which is being published in paperback by UC Berkeley Press this month. Garcia has always been alert to the malleability of original content. On the cyber front, Garcia, who is busy these days helping to build network content for Digital City, will be speaking about interactive content at Seybold at the Javits Center on April 22nd, and will appear with Word's Marisa Bowe in a panel discussion moderated by Roger Black, titled: "It's the Content, Stupid: Editors Tell How They Did It," at the Cooper Union on April 26.

Join the Russian WebGirls in their chat-room for a real conversation with the best russian actress of 1995. Alla Kliouka will be a special guest on April 28 at 8 pm. Alla is married to the notable inventor Ken Shaffer and mother of Kibo -- the youngest domain name owner and winner of the 1st Internet Baby Search!

Take in Jonathan Sarno's "The New York Filmmakers and Webmasters Spring Ball" on May 3. The Ball is going to be on the "Frying Pan," an old hull of a ship, moored on Pier 63, one block North of Chelsea Pier. There's room for 400 people and just next door is a pier with a tent (in case it rains) for live bands and Samba dancers to perform and another 400 people. All this and a view of the Statue of Liberty, the crystal clear waters of the Hudson River and the scenic New Jersey shoreline. Admission to the Ball will be free but there will be a cash bar so.

Echo's May Topic for its series "Dinner Theatre of the Mind" is FANTASY. May 13th, 7pm, Hosted by HERE (147 Avenue of the Americas), Dinner Theatre of the Mind is FREE, so please arrive early to ensure seating. Find out more at: (

Stephen King's Virtual Growth Incorporated (
is having a party May 15! Email for more info:

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