Thursday, April 24, 1997

GENArt Film Festival

IF I SEE ONE MORE film where self-mutilation is cool, I'll scream! I saw a screening of "Love God" at the GENArt Film Festival, April 24, co-hosted by ECHO and NY Black Book. PULEASEE don't let this become a cult classic. The party afterwards in a gutted out Angel Orensanz Foundation Synagogue was a bit more manageable. The beautiful faded gilt gold altar was stage for the band "Family of God" which wasn't too shabby. The crowd seemed almost sparse compared to the lofty high ceilings and I recalled the scene from "The English Patient" where Juliette Binoche is swung upwards via cabling to view the frescos. Free Absolute drinks, and Cotton Candy compliments of Krispy Kreme filled the tummies of the eclectic crowd ranging from good ol' frat Jersey boys to black leather clad musician-types to grunge girls, and uber cool film folks (where I spotted Jonathan Sarno of Webcinema and Rick Siegel of OnLine TV). I spoke for a while with Steve Moore, the director of the Short "Redux Riding Hood". Originally from New Jersey, this started as a video project, and was produced in New Zealand, where people go barefoot everywhere (even in the grocery store!). Voice over talent included a stellar cast of: Mia Farrow as the wolf's wife, Kramer as the Wolf, legendary June Foray as the Grandmother, and Alan West as the geeky romantic first love of the wolf's wife in high school.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)