Friday, April 04, 1997


Anton Self, now CEO of Telephant informed me he's working in close proximity to, and sharing lofty office space with Ed Bennett, former Prodigy chairman. I guess it makes sense that Ed is there, considering Myriad Agency took over the old Prodigy space. I spoke for a while with EVP of Myriad Agency, Ciaran Bossom. Myriad has been busy developing for Fortune 500 companies such as ITT, Sony and Apple. Dennis Adamo, now at ICon, was chatting it up with Denise Siedner, media planner at Young & Rubicam's New Technologies group.

I congratulated silver-tongued, Samuel Huxley (another Y&R|NTer) on his recent promotion to senior producer. As we clinked martini glasses he commented, "the crowd seems quite coated in a vermouth film of malaise." (oh well)

I was off to chat with the charming Ted Werth of the Primary Group, who filled me in on all the exciting news that's happened with TotalNY and Primary and their sale to Digital City, the AOL spin-off. Christian Uhl, an architect with Denson, photographed the event for his friends at Myriad. Amidst the revelry, though, comedian-cum-web producer Mike Potter took a few moments to issue words of warning. "All of this Web hoopla is just fine and dandy," he said as he lounged on one of the velvet sofas in the back and sipped casually on his Cuba Libra, sandwiched between two long-legged model types, one blond and one redhead. "But unfortunately it just clouds people's judgment and they fail to realize that the Internet is how the Federal Government keeps track of our every move by monitoring the electronic pulses emitted from the micro chips implanted in our necks at birth." (A little too much CNN lately, Mike?)

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)