Wednesday, April 23, 1997

Scott Cohen on LivePerson

A Cyber Scene Exclusive! If you went to the corner of Broadway and Bond you might catch a glimpse of Kyle or Chan of slipping out for a coffee, or maybe Roland or Joe or Tery from Blue Dingo coming back from a sushi lunch. But who's that new resident, jetting in and out of the offices with such purpose and energy the papers on the street are left swirling in the air? Why, it's Scott Cohen!

Scott has been busy in his new role as Executive Vice President - Sales & Strategic Alliances at This recent move, after a short respite from a previous post at 24/7 and at least 50 offers for top executive positions at major player Internet firms (think CBS-like), has Scott positively beaming! On-line customer service is recognized as the biggest, most crucial and rapidly growing segment for e-businesses.

When Scott met LivePerson president Robert LoCasio and saw the company mission statement in three bullet points on a white board, he knew this company will rule and define the on-line customer service market.

Scott educated me on the LivePerson product, which is a totally web-based, remote accessible, and intuitive product needing no hard nor software. After a 30-minute demo, you too could be utilizing this solid product. They are staffing up very quickly, hired Connors Communications to handle its PR, and will be opening a West Coast office very soon. Led by Silicon Alley financial digerati Bob Lessin and Dawntreader, LivePerson closed their first round of financing a short while ago. With a current client list that includes The Mining Co., Intuit, Nations Bank, Priceline and CBS Sportsline, and with targets in major networks and e-commerce markets, this is one LivePerson that promises to deliver more news!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)