Friday, December 20, 2002

Red Rum in Chelsea ~ by Gina M. Larson

A small but motley crowd gathered at the Bordello inspired bar, Ciel Rouge in Chelsea Thursday, December 20th. John Elder, owner of the Manhattan-based art gallery that shares his name, has been hosting the weekly event ever since the former host, Jim Sosnicky, moved to London, trading in his Broadway Jim persona to become Oxford James. Elder's hasn't ousted the old regime of revelers, though, which comes out regularly on Thursday nights to tour the city's various bars. Veterans of the Salon circuit who were out for some early Christmas cheer included David Shifren and Cliff Robertson, who were joined by newer guests Courtney Meyers, Jane Kim and Jason Nagi. While the Salon will take a break for the holidays next week, John says that the crew will regroup in the New Year.