Tuesday, December 10, 2002

NYSIA's most excellent party

Bruce Bernstein has figured out the secret to a successful party: don't invite everyone and do not allow forwarding of the invitation. As a result, the New York Software Industry Association's (NYSIA) holiday party on Monday, December 10th was a smashing success. Held at the new trendy lounge of choice for new media organizations-in-the-know, Kanvas, the soiree drew about 100 of the top NYSIA brass. Among those shiny important people who showed up and beamed their brilliant smiles at each other were the NYSIA board chairman and CEO of Information Builders Gerry Cohen and his delightful wife Pam Zimmerman and NYSIA founding president and seasoned software industry guru Alan Kaufman and his charming wife. The lovely ladies of Metamorphnet Hsiaoping Jao and Clara Troncoso and @NY's brilliant managing editor Erin Joyce glittered in sparkling conversation.

Prolific SiliconAlleyStation stationmaster Bob Ponce and the omnipresent Mark Stahlman and Howard Greenstein were all enjoying some of the holiday cheer with the two drink tickets provided to each guest. CEO of ChangingOurWOrld.com Tom Watson was there as was legendary founder of Popkin Software Jan Popkin and CUNY Institute of Software Development and Design executive director and chair of the Graduate PhD program Dr. Ted Brown. NYSIA president Bruce Bernstein and the ever ebullient CEO of Vanguard Media Mike Pinto were chatting it up. Bruce, in his usual quick wit, said that they plan on doing these parties quarterly, which surely made NetLogic CEO Brett Schlussman, his lovely wife and Polytechnic University representative Dave Gillette pleased. CEO of PhoneHome Technology and Moderator of NYSIA Multicultural Leadership SIG Miles Matthews and KNOA Software CTO founder Philip Lui also enjoyed the holiday spirits as the party for the NYSIA family, board, SIG moderators, task force chairs, staff and CEOs of key member companies went on into the evening.